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bad boys are her weakness...

Maddie Greene ​gave in to that particular weakness when she was a teenager with devastating results. But she's not that girl anymore. She's a mature, successful businesswoman who dates polished businessmen, but never gets attached. Twenty years after leaving, Maddie has to return to her hometown to sell her grandmother's home. Here, she'll come face-to-face with an irresistible bad boy and dark reminders of her past.  
He’s a bad boy who doesn’t let anyone get close.
Growing up, A.J. Johnson was the All-American boy next door. He had it all—looks, star high school athlete, and scholarships to the best schools. He fulfilled his promise and became a hometown success story, but tragedy struck and everything changed. Back home, he’s nothing like the guy everyone remembers. He’s a brooding, tattooed biker who spends most of his time alone. When the high school girl of every boy’s dreams comes back to town, he shows her just how good a bad boy can make her feel.
   Can a Scandalous Move help two people face the pain of their pasts and heal together?


Emma Vance is the efficient Operations Manager of Wilde Dunes Resort. Liam Anderson has achieved everything he set out to in his professional life, but feels unsettled and out of sorts. So he checks into Wilde Dunes Resort on Solomon’s Island, Georgia. Emma has her hands full trying to do her job as well as taking over her sister’s duties as hostess. Getting tangled up with a guest is the last thing on Emma's mind, but the attraction between her and Liam is hotter than a Georgia summer and threatening to simmer out of control. 

FLAME-Sexy with Heart

(Sexy Reads)

Deborah Grace Staley

Have you Ever Made a daring MOve?

Di Jenson is a successful Broadway dancer who makes a bet with bad boy Van Vanzant to dance at Vanz, his exclusive gentlemen’s club. The bet? That Di can make more money with one dance than all the rest of the club’s dancers combined—without taking her clothes off.
  Van accepts the bet because he hasn’t been able to forget his blind date with Di the year before. He wants to show her he’s more than a guy whose name is synonymous with adult entertainment. Despite the fact that Di is drawn to the bad boy in Van, she knows she can’t respect a guy in his line of business. But when she dances at his club, the bet turns into something neither will soon forget.
  Can a bad boy with secrets win the heart of dancer who dares to make a Scandalous Move?

Emma Vance

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SARa Vance


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​May 28

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Sara Vance needs to get away from Wilde Dunes and Solomon’s Island, but family responsibilities have her in a bind. Unable to leave, she needs to keep a recent indiscretion private, but time is her enemy. Jack McTeer broke her heart in high school, but is determined to win her back. The smoldering flames of their relationship could easily become a blazing bonfire. Though Jack has secrets of his own, he’ll do whatever it takes to fan the flames. 

June 25

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Liam Anderson

He's retired special forces . . .

Jake Stanton made the Army his career. As special forces, he sacrificed his family life because his job took him on secret missions all over the world with no communication for months at a time. Now, he’s retired and wants to put down roots—lead a normal life. But a lot has happened while he was away. His kids grew into adults, and the property he’s been neglecting for years holds valuable secrets, including a sexy woman with a naughty agenda that involves him.

She’s a free spirit who never stays in one place too long.

Soleil Fortune-Gardner is a renowned photo journalist who travels the world exposing injustice and highlighting environmental issues as well as animal conservation efforts. She’s home to do a feature on Florida’s endangered manatees, but when she comes face-to-face with a family friend’s hot dad, Soleil sets out to convince him to break all the rules with her.

    Can a man who’s all about structure keep a free spirit safe while they uncover a dangerous secret without losing his heart?  



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Wilde Dunes


 Embrace naughty because nice is overrated.


making daring moves is their game

Jaye Baxter is a woman in man’s world. Even though she loves her job, she’s in desperate need of a little quality time exploring her long-lost feminine side. So she does what any sensible girl would do—she picks up a sexy local in a Puerto Rican bar and has a one-night stand.
  Matt Ruiz is one of the top pitchers in baseball. He has everything: success, wealth, fame, fast cars, and women. Dissatisfied, he goes into a slump that lands him back in the minor leagues. When fate throws Matt and an old flame together, he makes a play for the one he let get away. Problem is they’re both on a career trajectory that will keep them apart.
  Can a playboy reform and in the process win the heart of a woman who once made him her Scandalous Move?