July 2017--Join Deborah and a few hundred of her author friends for the Readers for Life Literacy Autographing in Orlando, Florida. The event will be held Saturday, July 29 from 3-5 pm at Walt Disney World Dolphin Resort, Pacific Hall. Deborah will be signing her new Scandalous Moves Series. See you there!

Dear readers:

​Have you ever done something daring that forced you to step outside your comfort zone? I'm doing that with my new writing venture. I'm stepping into the world of self-publishing! It's exciting and terrifying in equal measures. For me, it feels like jumping off a cliff, but I'm hoping that my fabulous readers will catch me by embracing this series and partnering with me to help promote it!

In my new series, Scandalous Moves, you’ll see strong, driven women do something out of character that shakes things up in their carefully controlled lives. Through the upheaval, they’ll learn that some risks are worthwhile because they’ll realize a life well-lived consists of possibilities and grand adventures. Even though there are sometimes failures, that just makes the successes all the more sweet.

Scandalous Moves is a FLAME (Sexy) contemporary series not recommended for readers under eighteen or those who blush easily ;) But if you like your romance novels with sexy heroes and scorching hot sex scenes, read on! If you have a preference for more TAME (Sweet) romances, I have something for you, too. Check out my award-winning and best selling Angel Ridge Series and my short stories (see links to purchase on the NOVELS-TAME page).

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MAY 2017--Deborah is pleased to announce she will be attending the Romance Writers of America Conference in late July 2017. If you're in the area, plan to attend the Literacy Book Signing with hundreds of your favorite romance authors. More details to come.

MAY 2017--The release of RIDDEN has been delayed. Please forgive us for this small glitch in our plans. Look for RIDDEN in late June or early July 2017. We promise it will be well worth the wait!

Deborah would love to thank you for your incredible support of her new SCANDALOUS MOVES series. Sales of the first two books in the series, DARED AND PLAYED, have been brisk. And the reviews are 5-Star!

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